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Lovia - Vasu pouch - Silver

Vasu pouch

Normaali hinta €165.00

Vasu Pouch – the perfect partner in every situation. It keeps your bits and bobs secure, works as a handy crossbody bag as well as an evening clutch.

Material & size

- Excess leather from a Finnish furniture factory
- W 17 cm, H 12 cm


- Comes with a shoulder strap and a dust bag


Lovia is a brand that is truly dedicated to their mission to make a difference. Lovia’s collection consists of stylish leather bags that are handmade in Milano and individually numbered and carry a code inside that let you track bag’s history down to every detail with their own product DNA.

Lovia’s product DNA let us reveal the full history of the product. This way we can get to know each material, artisan, production step and the actual cost of every product, leaving no room for false information or unanswered questions.