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Pure Northern Nature on Your Plate

Chef Jouni Toivanen has created a unique way to experience the Finnish nature at the heart of Helsinki city. 

"My over 20-year career as a chef have included many different restaurants in Finland and Spain, the highlight being my own Restaurant Luomo which received in 2009 a Michelin star, only 9 months after its opening. While working in the different kinds of restaurants I have found my own way of cooking.

My cooking is based mostly on wild ingredients with a modern approach, which is also now trendy in Nordic countries. Still, I take influences from the other kitchens all over the world. For me, it is very important that food tastes great, but it has to stay true to the main ingredient as well. That’s why the ingredients play an important role in my cooking. My cooking methods are based on classics, but I want to give a modern touch to food as well the playful and beautiful presentation. Also, ethics are very important to me. I prefer local ingredients rather than imported."



We serve classic café products, with a modern and wild twist. You should try, for example, a spruce-spiced bun or bread with wild herbs and reindeer heart. And of course, there’s a breakfast with traditional Finnish porridge! Our coffee comes from the top producers selected by the excellent folks at Good Life Coffee. We also offer a nice selection of domestic craft beers and ciders. Our wines are organic or natural wines and carefully paired with our food.

We’re all about Finnish nature, wild produce and sustainable process. And most of all: the taste.



Photo: WTD


WILD’s lunch is based on a new kind of broth concept. As we are a coffee shop we naturally use the skin of a coffee bean as a base for our broth – this way we also avoid producing waste! The broth is spiced with ingredients from Finnish nature: spruce, mushrooms and wild herbs. Ingredients for this Finnish ‘Ramen’ bowl are seasonal veggies, quality eggs, game, and wild fish. Naturally, we also serve a vegan alternative. You can look our this week’s menu at Wild’s Facebook page!

Photo: WTD 

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