a-s-helsingo_ingaro_kitchen_main_2251x1500QUALITY DESIGN AT EVERYONE'S REACH FOR A REASONABLE PRICE TAG

A.S.Helsingö was founded on the belief that everyone deserves the joy of a beautiful, personal kitchens and homes – with an affordable price tag. By combining the high-quality materials, carefully picked colours and clean-cut details of A.S.Helsingö doors with IKEA cabinet frames, we can offer you kitchens and wardrobes that have a true design feel – but is considerably more affordable than the traditional kitchens offered by chains. We offer doors and handles created by top Scandinavian designers and Finnish carpenters. Our beautiful, high-quality products are designed to fit IKEA cabinet frames. This means that we can offer you kitchens, wardrobes and sideboards that fit your personality and taste at a great price. Just like other people who are interested in design we know that good taste is not synonymous with high prices. We are proud to be able to provide a well-designed product and service experience all the way from our online shop to the packaging and your complete fixture.
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To contact A.S.Helsingö directly:
Bulevardi 14
00120 Helsinki, Finland

+358 20 718 1510


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