Staff Favourites - Anna-Kaisa, e-Commerce Manager

Staff Favourites - Anna-Kaisa, e-Commerce Manager
        1. R/H Magic Pleats Sweater €149.00 Made in Estonia. - This sweater is fabulous! College combined with ruffles makes this shirt very multi-functional. I could wear this every day!
        2. Karhu Albatross Sneakers €79.00 Made in China. - Classics! And you can never have too many black sneakers.
        3. Samuji Tahira Trousers €320.00 Made in Estonia. - Samuji never let’s you down, these are fantastic trousers. Combine with minimalistic silk top and you’re party ready.
        4. HIMMEE Filly Table Lamp €359.00 Made in Finland. - The design in Himmee lights is fascinating. The combination of concrete, oak and aluminium works. I already know where I would place this in my home.
        5. Minni Havas Blanket €269.00 Made in Germany. - I’ve dreamed about this blanket for about three months (I should probably buy it already). Havas’s blankets are all so gorgeous!

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  • Un feuilleton bien intéressant à lire et à relire ! Et puis, il y a ce plat qui m’intrigue, moi qui rêve de l’unObekistaz… Je prépare même un voyage pour y emmener un groupe d’amis !! et ce gaspacho de chou rouge, tu devrais envoyer la recette pour le concours de sur le soupes, c’est une merveille de couleurs et d’originalité

    Jhett on

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