Chopped off prices in September

Chopped off prices in September

10% off from sofas, lamps, and other good stuff.

15% off from the whole Hakola Collection!

Does your home look like it could use some fresh ideas? In September, we offer 10% discount on majority of sofas, lamps, tables, chairs and other interior products by order, and 15% discount from the whole Hakola Collection!

We have good stuff from Finnish high quality brands such as Avarte, Vivero, Inno-Tuote, mllmtr, Showroom Finland, Andbros, Aarikka and more.

Come and see them at the store, or if you are sitting comfortably and prefer shopping from home, just call or email us +358 29 1700 430

P.S. Late Night Shopping event on Thursday 8th of September is a good opportunity to take the time to find the design item of your dreams. The store is open until 10pm.

Photo: Hakola

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