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Whitetail Health Universe Cosmetics

Whitetail Health Universe  

- A new natural cosmetic line


Text: Salli Raeste

Photos: Whitetail Health Universe


Is your skin so sensitive you can only use pharmaceutical body lotions? Do you envy the beautiful cosmetics packages on your friends' bathroom shelves? Here is a new cosmetic line for you! 

Designers behind the brand Whitetail Health Universe are two Doctors of Medicine, Margit and Martti Peura, who, due to their background, have a differing perspective to fashion and cosmetics. Whitetail, known for its high-quality and modern fashion collection is now offering a broader palette for upgrading life quality through great choices. Whitetail Health Universe is based on ecological and ethical choices, and comprehensive promotion of wellbeing.

After having realized what impact the noxious substances, commonly used in the cosmetic industry, have on the environment, Margit and Matti Peura decided to develop a signature natural cosmetic line for their Whitetail brand.

"Ecological aspects are an important criterion for us in all our products, but as MD's we considered it significant that these products are suited for people with sensitive skin as well. We dislike the incorrect statements often used in cosmetics that promise quick but short-term solutions. We wanted to bring a moisturizing skin lotion for daily use into the market, as for most this is enough in skincare" says Margit Peura.

At the first stage, two products aimed at both men and women and for daily use, will be launched: Neutral Body Lotion, suited for allergic skin, and refreshing Orange Body Lotion. The producer is Ecocert certified which will guarantee that both the production methods and the origins of the raw materials will meet tight ecological criteria. As an example, the cultivation of palm oil commonly used in skin creams and lotions is often highly disastrous for the environment but it can also be produced responsibly. Whitetail also uses only glass bottles in its packaging, in order to avoid plastic containers ending up as waste.

"Our next product on the market will be a moisturizing shower gel which doesn't dry out the skin and goes for sensitive skin, too. The wellbeing of the skin is essentially dependent on the wellbeing of your whole system, both physically and mentally. A healthy mind, healthy skin," Peura says.



Whitetail cosmetics are for sale in TRE online shop and at the store at Mikonkatu 6, Helsinki.

Neutral Body Lotion, suited for allergic skin  29 € / 230 ml

Refreshing Orange Body Lotion 29 € / 230 ml

Whitetail is founded in 2014.

Margit Peura is Licentiate in Medicine and has studied fashion design in Helsinki Design School.

Matti Peura is Registrar Occupational Health Physician. He has made his dissertation (in 2012) about skin cells and artificial skin at the University of Helsinki, Institute of Biomedicine, Pharmacology, and Institute of Clinical Medicine, Plastic Surgery. His research concentrated on healing of skin wounds and cell therapy treatment of burns and skin wounds.


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