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TRE has its own online media!

TRE is about great design, but also about stories and inspiration. Every piece of furniture, clothing or other everyday object has a history. The more we know about it, the better choices we can make. At TRE, we believe that by making good and conscious choices, people will be happier. As we are committed to transparency, sharing everything we know about the products with our customers, feels very natural for us.

From our online media, TRE Journal, you can read the fascinating stories behind design and brands, learn where and by whom our products are made, find inspiration, and see what's happening at the store.

TRE Journal is passionate for experiment and joyful life. I wish you will enjoy the journey with us and hopefully we can bring beauty, knowledge, and humanity into your life.


New luxury, happiness & really good stuff


Salli Raeste Editor-in-Chief TRE Journal is an online media of TRE concept store.   Salli Raeste has previously been working as a Fashion Editor of Elle Magazine, freelance stylist, and Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of SSAW Magazine
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