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TRE Christmas Market Seoul will most likely be the biggest international sales event for Finnish design ever. Join us in bringing the Finnish Christmas and lifestyle to Korea!

(Jos englannin kieli tuottaa ongelmia, ota yhteyttä Tanjaan, 0400 776 786)



What and where?

TRE Christmas Market Seoul 2017 will be organized together with Finpro and Hana Bank. The event will take place in a building owned by Hana Financial Group, which is one of the largest bank holding companies in Korea. The location is very close to the Coex-center which is very high on customer traffic.


TRE will hire a PR and marketing company to reach local customers and to make sure that the event will be noticed.

Finpro is working closely with the project so the market will also be a platform for BtoB customers, buyers, agents, and media. We are aiming to have about 300 000 visitors in 3 weeks. About 150 000 customers visited the market in Helsinki last year.

Hana-bank will be marketing TRE’s event to their 30 million customers. There are about 25 000 000 people in Seoul metropolitan area, and about 8% of them are high-end customers. Scandinavian design is also in high demand in Seoul.


Who will join?

TRE will select from up to 200 Finnish companies to join the market. About 30 Korean design companies will also take part.

The product selection will include interior objects, glass, ceramic, textiles, accessories, fashion, etc. (No furniture, food or toys for kids or pets unless the company is already permitted to sell them in Korea.)




Schedule for shipping and building

1.11. TRE has all the product information (instructions and a participation form will be sent later) + pictures and company information for marketing material.

5. – 8.11. The products can be sent to shipping company

10.11. Shipment will leave to Seoul and arrive at Hana-bank latest on 29th

29.11. – 2.12. Building

3. – 25.12. TRE Christmas Market Seoul

26. – 30.12. Taking down



Program at the Christmas Market

3.12. Media event

3.12.VIP opening day for BtoB, VIP guests, etc.

3.12. VIP opening party

4.12. Seminar day

+ workshops from Finnish and local designers on the weekends



The entrance fee is 1190 euros + vat. 24% + commission on the sales. 
Once your participation in TRE Christmas Market has been agreed upon, you will receive a link for the payment.

TRE is currently under discussion with Team Finland if there are any possibilities for grants etc. to help finance the participation fee and possible travel expenses for some of the companies.





TRE will be taking care of shipping, marketing, selling, setting up, store furniture, etc.

TRE is also responsible for the products. If they break, get lost or stolen TRE will be covering the production cost of the product.  

Companies have to commit to the schedule and pay the participation fee before the shipment leaves, otherwise, the company's products will no be sent. The fee is not refundable.

The company will receive a table for selling (size is at least 120 x 90 cm, the design is not finalized ) and the products will also be displayed in other areas of the event in designed setups.

The company will be mentioned in the marketing material and introduced on our website.

TRE will take care of the translations to Korean.The company can also provide their own materials in moderation. TRE can translate and print the content in Korea for an extra charge.

The company is welcome to take part in person and everyone is invited to VIP events. Travelling is with company's own cost.

TRE will report the sales and possible losses as soon as possible after the event, latest on 15th of February. Invoicing instructions will be provided after the event.

In the event of damaged or stolen goods, TRE will reimburse the production cost of the goods.

TRE is currently also negotiating with a third partner who is interested in buying the leftover stock after TRE Christmas Market. The aim is not to send anything back.



How to apply?


If you are interested in participating, please send an email to with requests and questions. Tanja will reply via email or call you asap.

A larger space and other special arrangements can be separately agreed on.

If your company is selected (suitable products, enough product capacity, and international potential) you will receive a link where you can pay the fee. Payment will secure your entrance.

Take into consideration, that if you do not have enough inventory to sell in the market, it is not possible to participate.

TRE Christmas Market Seoul is managed by Tanja Sipilä,

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