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The Home Is a Haven

The Home Is a Haven

Hakola's Creative Director, Annaleena Hämäläinen, is a jack of all trades, who enjoys family life and the company of friends. Their home has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, which lures friends to visit. We popped by for an appleginger ale drink.


How do you spend your time at home?

We spend a lot of time at home because we have small children. We rarely go elsewhere other than to work. When our friends visit, we take a bath in our wood-heated sauna, and barbeque on the terrace. On weekends, we usually have someone staying overnight. I also work from home, usually in the living room at our long dining table.



The big dining table is Hakola's production. The table is made from a whole trunk, which makes each and every table unique.


What does your role involve at Hakola? Do you also design products?

My job profile is extensive. I am responsible for collections, new products, the visual appearance of catalogs and brochures, and marketing. Hakola is a family business, so we do pretty much everything by ourselves. Me and my father design the sofas together, and then he makes the prototypes. It is nice to work with my father. Sofas have so many small technical details that one needs to take into account, there are not too many people in Finland with the knowledge of how to design them. We have the skills needed, and our collaboration works well.


What do you expect from your home?

The home must be one where you enjoy yourself and want to be, a kind of haven. My work is really hectic, so it’s nice to be able to balance that. The best thing about our home is seeing the landscape and how it changes over the seasons. In the winter the blue hour of the day is magical and during the summer you really see nature come alive. The shifts in light, day and night, have been considered when designing the layout of the house: the bedroom windows face north and the living room windows face south. The open kitchen is atypical for a 1960’s house, but it works well here. We have maintained the house in its original condition, including the stunning wooden spiral staircase and cabinets from the 1960's. The floor has been replaced and the kitchen was renovated in the late 1980's. Materials and designs were chosen well at the time because they are timeless. The best part about the house when we bought it was that it was good as it was.


Annaleena lives in Espoo with her husband Tuomas and their children Elmeri and Nooa 


How would you describe your own interior decor?

Cozy. For me it is important that a home is comfortable, I hate cold and clinical interior. My home has a lot of genuine materials, such as wool, wood, and bricks.


Where do you find your influences for decorating?

Actually from all around, for example, Instagram. I get ideas for color combinations from nature, art or old books. I am also interested in 1960's modernism.



Where do you find your furniture and other decoration?

We have a lot of products from our own company. Because I design all Hakola sofas, the products are often tested at our home. In addition, I find stuff from flea markets and buy used products, especially lamps. Additionally, part of the furniture has been inherited, for example, the dining table and chairs are from my parents. The furniture in our son Elmeri's room was mine when I was a kid.



Do you buy products from other Finnish brands?

Yes. However, Finnishness is not the most important aspect. I buy high-quality products that are intended to last forever.


What is your dream home like? What are you aiming for?

In a sense, this is it. I am a fan of 60’s style, wood surfaces, and red brick. We love how the old pine trees surround us, we feel like living in a nest. Nature is very close here, and Helsinki is just a short drive away. We stayed for 10 years in Punavuori and kept wondering if we were brave enough to go further. But when you have kids, you no longer have that much use for the services in the city center. We also feared that our friends would never come to visit us, but they visit us very often. There’s almost a queue.





The house, designed by architect Osmo Lappo in 1963, has spacious windows that open to a beautiful landscape of pine trees. 


The new Hakola collection is available at TRE in the fall 2017

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Text: Vilma Heimonen

Photos: Juliana Harkki


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