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Staff Favourites - Tanja, CEO & Co-Founder

        1. Utopia & Utility vases €140.00540.00 Made in Europe. - I like Pia Wüstenberg’s aesthetics. It’s great how she has succeeded in building a business around a unique object. Utopia & Utility makes beautiful products which combine elegantly different materials, such as wood, glass, and ceramic.
        2. Swedish Stockings Tights €20.0034.00 Made in Italy. - These stockings, made of recycled polyester, are seamless, durable and comfortable. The best stockings I’ve ever had!
        3. Avarte Rocking Chair €470.00 Made in China. - I like Avarte’s style a lot; both as a business and their design. This rocking chair is very stylish and comfortable to sit. It’s also timeless: it was designed in the 80’s, but it works at this time also.
        4. Tingest Bikupa Wristwatch €299.00 Made in Sweden. - This wristwatch has an interesting design, it’s like a combination of watch and jewelry. I’m not very punctual, so this watch suits me well.
        5. Klaus Haapaniemi Firebird Kimono €450.00 Printed in England, made in Estonia. - This kimono can be worn in every occasion: in everyday life, in parties and when traveling. It’s so easy to combine with everything. I like to wear it for example with jeans and a white blouse.
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