Staff Favourites - Susanna, Director of Store
        1. Haagnees Oversized Backpack Black €199.00 Made in Europe. - This beautiful and plain backpack is perfect for weekend trips! It’s more practical than a bag as you can carry it in your back, and sizewise it can be carried as hand-luggage.
        2. HIMMEE Lento One Pendant Lamp €299.00 Made in Finland. - Pretty pendant lamp with classic design. I would want it over my kitchen table.
        3. Goodio Organic Raw Mint Chocolate €6.50 Made in Finland. - I usually consider my purchases a lot, but when it comes to chocolate I can’t resist! Goodio is a good option to tame the lust for chocolate.
        4. Nikari Café Classic Stool €495.00 Made in Finland. - This chair is very good to sit. All electricity used in Nikari’s head office and studio-workshop in Fiskars comes from a small hydro power plant next door. I think it’s quite awesome!
        5. Markku Salo Diiva Glass €18.00 Made in Finland. - I’ve used this same beautiful glass daily for over five years now. Even it’s small production and hand made piece, it’s very durable and can be washed in the dishwasher. Perfect!

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