Staff Favourites - Luukas and Norma, Office Dogs
        1. Kind Oma paikka Dog bed from €188.00 Made in Estonia. - This bed is so stylish that you can keep it in the living room. Then we can also enjoy our family members company! If it gets dirty you can wash it. We can’t find more comfortable place for nap!
        2. Scratching from the customers €00.00 - Every now and then we get some scratching from the customers, while we are guarding the store. Pure pleasure!
        3. NufNuf Toto Collar from €23.00 Made in Estonia and Latvia. - This leather collar is very comfortable! It has plain design but beautiful details, and colours are delicious!
        4. NufNuf Nia Poopbag €19.00 Made in Estonia and Latvia. - Attach this poopbag holder in the collar or leash, and you’ll never forget poopbags home! It’s lightweight and small, and it can hold up to 100 plastic bags.
        5. Kind Ole hyvä Food Bowl €32.00 Small, €39.00 Big, Made in Finland. - Food tastes so good from these timeless bowls! Sturdy bowl stays in place and food doesn’t drop over the high edge. Bowls are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.