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Staff Favourites - Leena, Fashion and Design Director

        1. Poiat Lavitta Chair from €395.00 Made in Estonia and Finland. - These stylish and sturdy chairs are a good investment.
        2. Poiat Lavitta 3-legged Round Table from €1,302.00 Made in Estonia and Finland. - I dream about this table as a dining room set, with the Lavitta chairs. I would love to sit, talk and dine with my friends around this table.
        3. Samuji Daisi Top €200.00 Made in Europe. - Stripes are a corner stone of a classic wardrobe. The high quality fabric of this top is from Japan, and it’s awesome. You only need one stripe shirt and this is it!
        4. Terhi Pölkki Jakob Sneaker €225.00 Made in Portugal. - Nice looking shoes that go well with every outfit. The creamy nude hue is absolutely lovely, perfect for summer!
        5. HIMMEE Toad 1Up Table Lamp €349.00 Made in Finland. - I would love to have all Himmee’s lights, but if I should choose one, it would be this. By working in TRE, I’ve learned that a lot of cool stuff is designed in Finland! It feels good to make conscious choices instead of buying irrationally.
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