Staff Favourites - Henni, CFO
        1. Hakola Day Armchair €699.00 Made in Finland. - This armchair is very comfortable to sit on. I would love to have it at home, upholstered with luxurious green velvet. How royal!
        2. Kuula + Jylhä Paper Backpack Black €429.00 Made in Finland and Estonia. - Stylish and extremely beautiful backpack! It’s suitable also for carrying a laptop and comfortable to wear.
        3. R/H Abi Collar shirt €216.00 Made in Estonia. - This shirt’s tone fits perfectly my fair skin. Cheerful shirt will brighten up your day, and you will instantly feel well-dressed.
        4. Terhi Pölkki Rose High Clog €199.00 Made in Finland. - These shoes are the most comfortable shoes in the world! I would definitely take these shoes with me to a city holiday, as they fit perfectly every outfit, are very beautiful and very comfortable for walking.
        5. éN Brim Hat €195.00 Made in Finland. - Whimsical hat gives that little extra needed and cheers up every outfit. Choose one in either delicious or classic colour, or why not both!