Staff Favourites – Anni, Fashion and PR Intern
        1. Maija Astikainen One Dog Policy book €24.00 Printed in Finland. - Every dog fan’s favourite! Dog portraits delight and make you laugh, and I can’t get enough of them.
        2. R/H Ada Culottes Black €160.00 Made in Estonia. - Lovely airy culottes you can wear in everyday life and in parties. Absolute plus is also how comfortable these culottes feel on.
        3. Palaset Elephant Piggy Bank €6.00 Medi, €30.00 Maxi, Made in Finland. - This nostalgic and cute piggy bank is a fun element in home decoration.
        4. Arela Lynn Dress €195.00 Made in Latvia. - I’m passionate about everything pink and this beautiful dress underlines my fixation. It’s not easy to find cotton that is better quality and more firm than Arela's.
        5. Lakrids Salt & Caramel Choc Coated Liquorice €9.50 Made in Denmark. - You will automatically get addicted to this heavenly tasting delicacy combining chocolate, salty liquorice, caramel and sea salt.