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Staff Favourites - Anna-Kaisa, e-Commerce Manager

        1. R/H Magic Pleats Sweater €149.00 Made in Estonia. - This sweater is fabulous! College combined with ruffles makes this shirt very multi-functional. I could wear this every day!
        2. Karhu Albatross Sneakers €79.00 Made in China. - Classics! And you can never have too many black sneakers.
        3. Samuji Tahira Trousers €320.00 Made in Estonia. - Samuji never let’s you down, these are fantastic trousers. Combine with minimalistic silk top and you’re party ready.
        4. HIMMEE Filly Table Lamp €359.00 Made in Finland. - The design in Himmee lights is fascinating. The combination of concrete, oak and aluminium works. I already know where I would place this in my home.
        5. Minni Havas Blanket €269.00 Made in Germany. - I’ve dreamed about this blanket for about three months (I should probably buy it already). Havas’s blankets are all so gorgeous!
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