Staff Favorites – Salli, Editor-in-Chief of TRE
        1. WHITETAIL Body Lotion €29.00 Made in Latvia. - This non-fragranced and non-toxic lotion is perfect for my sensitive skin. A great product, in a stylish glass bottle, created by two doctors of medicine. 
        2. Terhi Pölkki Fringe Mule Red €269.00 Made in Spain. - I will wear these sandals with blue denim and a tan. P.s. Fringes is the hottest trend right now!
        3. Hakola Cosy Sohva €1,489.00 Made in Pohjanmaa, Finland. - I keep falling in love with this sofa over and over again.. This hue of pink is a perfect canvas for different kind of cushions and throws. Try shades of orange, blue or green! 
        4. Mia Maljojoki Diana Earrings €255.00 Made in Helsinki, Finland. - Matte gold goes well with my minimalist style.
        5. Kuula + Jylhä Paper Shoulder Bag €329.00 Made in Spain. - It was love at first sight! 

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  • Jonetta

    Et comment expliquez vous que ses prssucedeeers, qui avaient le meme petrole a dispositionm n ai jamais rien fait contre les inegalites sociales au Venezuela. Ce qui defrise les gens de droite, c’est que quoi qu’on en dise, sur bien des points, le systeme Venezuelien marche, et sans doute bien mieux que le notre. Donc l’excuse du petrole, c’est vraiment ne plus savoir ou se mettre que de la. sortir

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