Staff Favorites – Salli, Editor-in-Chief of TRE
        1. WHITETAIL Body Lotion €29.00 Made in Latvia. - This non-fragranced and non-toxic lotion is perfect for my sensitive skin. A great product, in a stylish glass bottle, created by two doctors of medicine. 
        2. Terhi Pölkki Fringe Mule Red €269.00 Made in Spain. - I will wear these sandals with blue denim and a tan. P.s. Fringes is the hottest trend right now!
        3. Hakola Cosy Sohva €1,489.00 Made in Pohjanmaa, Finland. - I keep falling in love with this sofa over and over again.. This hue of pink is a perfect canvas for different kind of cushions and throws. Try shades of orange, blue or green! 
        4. Mia Maljojoki Diana Earrings €255.00 Made in Helsinki, Finland. - Matte gold goes well with my minimalist style.
        5. Kuula + Jylhä Paper Shoulder Bag €329.00 Made in Spain. - It was love at first sight!