This Autumn We Get More Colors, More Details, More Clash!

This Autumn We Get More Colors, More Details, More Clash!

Susanna Björklund, a trend analyst and journalist, left Milan Design Week filled with inspiration. With all that visual firework in her mind she is creating Signals trend exhibition to the Habitare Fair together with her colleague Sisse Collander. We sat down with Susanna to discuss fall design trends.

In which direction are fashion and interior design trends going?

For several years, we have been moving towards a richer and more colorful world, where there is much more detail in design. It is evident, both in interior and fashion design. We are moving away from Scandinavian minimalism, towards a more personal and conceptual style. The boundary between art and design is blurring, and much more is expected from the field of design, such as content and experiences.

Which are the main trends for next fall—winter in interiors and fashion?

The line between luxury and street fashion blurred a long time ago. Similarly, in interior design new and old, cheap and expensive are being boldly merged. Mixing and matching multiple colours together is interesting, both in furniture and in fashion. Colour range has become brighter and more intense. Regarding interior design, the importance of flooring is increasing. Floors can be playful and also colorful. Lamps also have a large role to play, they are strong design elements. Details in design and structural fabrics play an important role, again that is a step away from minimalism. There is also a “clash” trend, where elements that do not match well together are combined, for instance harmonious colors with intense ones. This resembles Japanese aesthetics. In a kimono, there might be plenty of various colours and patterns yet together they suddenly start to look harmonious.

Which social phenomena and megatrends can you see in the fall—winter designs?

Genderlessness is clearly an important issue, and it is related to a wider social trend about acceptance and diversity as a counter trend to negativity. Many fashion designers are looking into this. Regarding interiors, it is visible in design with personality, with imperfections and asymmetrical shapes. Aging is also a global megatrend. Older people are being used as models; Calvin Klein has an underwear ad with 73–year–old Lauren Hutton as one of the models. Certain taboos are diminishing, for example when it comes to the sexuality of older people. The question of age is extremely interesting in many ways. With climate change, the importance of sustainability grows every year. People are increasingly paying attention and demanding more responsibility and transparency from companies. Smart homes, smart furniture, and even smart wearables are becoming more common. For example, your bedroom can have a motion sensor that automatically just slightly adds light to your room when you get up at night to go to the bathroom. A smart fridge will send a message to you when you run out of milk.

How can you take trends, to your home or add them to your wardrobe without completely changing your style?

Why should anyone buy a new wardrobe every season or replace the furniture of one ́s home? Everything should begin from adding elements that give you pleasure. You should strive to listen to yourself and your own preferences. Whether it is interior or fashion, you can combine the old with the new. For example, you can update your home decoration with colors, small objects, cushions or by painting the walls.

What inspires you right now? What has impressed you?

I am inspired by individuals with personality and own style. Personality comes through in how people dress and in their home design choices. If someone has combined an element, which clashes with their clothing or interior design, and can still make it work, that is personality. Moreover, I am always inspired by colors; the more, the better.

Which color best describes the direction in which we are going?

One of the main themes of Signals is ”What color are your glasses?” I want to see the world through happy and intense pink glasses.

Signals is at the Ahead! design area of the Habitare Fair 13th—17th Sep 2017


Exhibition themes:

Offline  There is a strong counter trend for the megatrend of digitalization. We increasingly value our own time, intuitions and soft values. Hand made objects, tactile materials and surfaces invite us to touch.


What color are your glasses? – All of us have different tastes and interests and we are subjective in how we look at the world. We wish our homes to show personality and yet we want to belong. There are countless trends in the information society, do they matter anymore?


Age less – Aging is a megatrend, people turn invisible when they get older. but aesthetics and own personality are still important. Does a home reveal the age of the inhabitant? When does a piece of furniture turn old or become a classic?


Coincidence – Not everyone believes in coincidences, but one cannot control everything either. Where do we happen to be born, where do we settle down and start a home? What do we happen to find from the furniture shop, flea market or sale, when we are shopping?


TRE is collaborating with Habitare Fair 2017. Find us at Ahead! area, booth 6E70



Text: Vilma Heimonen

Photos: Susanna Björklund @enne_susannab