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Lasse, Co-founder of TRE and the Man Behind Great Furniture

Lasse is a fan of long-lasting design and fresh cut grass. Where was this picture taken? In Halikko, Finland where we used to live when I was a kid. Any memories about it? I used to craft a lot on that table. Now my kids are using that very same table for their craft projects. What's your background? I was born on 1980 in Pori, Finland. I spent my childhood in a small town called Salo, where me and my family live now. I studied art in Turku and later I studied design in Lahti. I've been working in several lovely companies since 2003. How would you describe yourself? Open. Passionate. Team player. Spontanious. How did you end up being a co-founder at TRE?  We were having coffee at my friend Tanja's place on a November day a year ago. I got excited about Tanja's idea of an omnichannel design store with sustainable values, and off we went! I've heard you have a great entrepreneurial spirit. Tell us about your other projects. I have two companies. Protosdemos, which was founded in 2010, is a company that concentrates on design and production, creating various interior and design projects. Protosdemos engages 12 professionals; furniture designers, interior architects and carpenters. The other company is Choice (madebychoice). It’s a design and woodworking studio that was created to produce furniture that stand on the values of good and long-lasting design. Open product platform that we use, allows the product to change according to new ideas that emerge from the needs of a the customer or the collection. The stories behind the products make them more valuable to people, and in that way the products will become long-lasting. The interior design of the shop and the office of TRE is by Protosdemos and the furniture is from the madebychoice-collection, custom-made for TRE. Have you ever said no?  Yes. You are not the first one to ask me this. What makes you happy? Kids, being around happy people, cutting grass, food. Nice challenging projects.   Lasse Laine is a Co-founder and Design Director of World of TRE
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