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Kallio - Second Hand Finds, Vegetarian Food and Great Nightlife

In Kallio, you can feel artistic vibes. Nowadays it’s the neighborhood of students, young people, and artists and in the recent years, many cool restaurants, cafés, and bars have opened their doors in the area. And every year in August world's best festival, Flow Festival, takes place in Suvilahti area in Kallio. Check out our tips for the area!

Kallio is a must for vintage lovers and music diggers

Go treasure hunting in Kallio’s many second-hand shops. Frida Marina (Kaarlenkatu 10) is a vintage and second-hand shop and also a flea market. They sell their own collection of clothes and accessories mainly from the 1940’s to 1980’s, but also goods of people who are selling their clothes in the flea market. Frida Marina serves also coffee and tea. If your companion isn’t as eager treasure hunter as you, leave them to sip something while you admire all the stuff in store!


There are also occasional flea market events where people are selling their own goods in Kattilahalli (Sörnäisten rantatie 22) and Konepaja Bruno (Aleksis Kiven Katu 17 A). Once in a month there’s also an evening flea market at Konepaja Bruno, where you can, besides shopping, chill in a bar and listen to a DJ.

Kallio is also home to many record stores. Black & White records (Toinen Linja 1) is one of Finland’s oldest record stores. They sell both new and old CDs and vinyls from all music genres, so there’s definitely something for everyone’s taste. Nearby you’ll find also record stores Hippie Shake Records (Hämeentie 1) and Levykauppa Äx (Hakaniemen torikatu 2).

Delicious vegetarian fast food is easy to find

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When you get hungry, head to Vaasankatu. From the street, you’ll find many restaurants that serve delicious food at decent prices. Here, vegetarians don’t need to chase their food as many of the restaurants serve also vegetarian food.

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Syrian-Lebanese restaurant Levant (Vaasankatu 25) offers Middle Eastern vegetarian street food, like falafel, meze, and salads. You should try their meze plates – so delicious and enough to keep you going! Soi Soi (Vaasankatu 9) is a vegetarian restaurant that offers delicious and fast vegan food such as burgers, pitas, and salads. Near Vaasankatu is also Döner Harju (Fleminginkatu 23). Besides normal döner, they serve also seitan kebab and occasionally specialties like moose or bear!

Teurastamo (Työpajankatu 2) is also a visit-worthy area. The former Helsinki abattoir re-opened to the public in 2012. From the area, you’ll find various restaurants, bars, and cafés. You should try at least Jädelino’s Italian artisan ice creams! Some events, like night markets and street food events, are held in the area occasionally.

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Kallio gets alive in the night

Many people from Helsinki head to Kallio when they’re going out because of the bit lower price level and the vibrant atmosphere of the area. If you want to spend your evening enjoying a glass or two, there are places for both beer lovers and wine enthusiasts.

B-Side Bar (Työpajankatu 2) at Teurastamo will bring you back to the 70’s for a moment, while you sip your artisan beer or a glass of high-quality wine. Panema (Helsinginkatu 11) is one of the trendiest places in Kallio for craft beer. The brewpub offers the newest beers from Finland and abroad. Wino (Fleminginkatu 11) is a wine bar that offers also some bistro food. Whether you want only a glass of great wine or eat a proper dinner, this is the place!

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The hub for nightlife and the best parties are found near Kaikukatu. There are four clubs in Kaikukatu and two others nearby: Kaiku, Siltanen, Post Bar, Tanner, Leblon Merihaka and Merikerho. Post Bar (Kaikukatu 2, courtyard) and Tanner (Hämeentie 11) are the newest additions in the complex in Kaikukatu, and Club Kaiku (Kaikukatu 4) was ranked as one of the best nightclubs in Europe by Guardian in 2014. It’s an underground spot for all music fans that hosts local and international DJs every week. And there’s space for everyone in their spacious dancefloor!

More our favorite places in Kallio and nearby:


Cafelito, Harjutori 2
IPI Kulmakuppila, Porthaninkatu 13
Good life coffee, Kolmas linja 17
Kahvila Sävy, Aleksis Kiven katu 12
Roots Helsinki, Vaasankatu 14
Rupla, Helsinginkatu 16

Wino, Fleminginkatu 11
Gastro Cafe Kallio, Fleminginkatu 7
Levant, Vaasankatu 25
Soi Soi, Vaasankatu 9
Döner Harju, Fleminginkatu 23
Kolmon3n, Kolmas Linja 11
Social Burgerjoint, Kulmavuorenkatu 4
Skiffer, Fleminginkatu 8

Bars & Clubs
Wino, Fleminginkatu 11
Panema, Helsinginkatu 11
B-Side Bar Teurastamo, Työpajankatu 2
Kaiku / Siltanen / Post bar, Kaikukatu 2-4 inneryard
Ravintola Tanner, Hämeentie 11
Leblon Merihaka, Sörnäisten rantatie
Merikerho, Sörnäisten Rantapromenadi
Tenho Restobar, Helsinginkatu 15 (second floor)
Bar Molotow, Vaasankatu 29

Second hand and vintage
Frida Marina, Kaarlenkatu 10
Kattilahalli flea market, Sörnäisten rantatie 22
Flea market at Konepaja Bruno, Aleksis Kiven Katu 17 A
Fargo Vintage, Fleminginkatu 20
Hoochie Mama Jane, Agricolankatu 11
Ansa Second Hand, Agricolankatu 5
Soul Vintage, Helsinginkatu 6
Fida secondhand, Hämeentie 5 a
UFF, Hämeentie 4 & Hämeentie 29

Black & White records, Toinen Linja 1
Hippie Shake Records, Hämeentie 1
Levykauppa Äx, Hakaniemen torikatu 2

To do
Riviera movie theater & bar, Harjukatu 2
Kotiharjun Sauna public sauna, Harjutorinkatu 1
Arlan Sauna public sauna, Kaarlenkatu 15

Sorbus, Vaasankatu 15
Kohta, Teurastamo - Työpajankatu 2

Download Our favorite places in Helsinki 2018 map from here.

Text: Vilma Heimonen

Cover photo: Helsinki Marketing, Jussi Hellsten

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