Fashion Favorites for Fall

Teli cotton shirt, 140 e, Samuji. Made in Estonia.

Astra organic linen trousers 285 e, August. Made in Estonia.

Silvia leather bag, 390 e, MoiMoi. Made in Spain.

Cashmere beanie, 125 e, Arela. Made in Nepal.


We asked our friend Tua to pick her favorites from the Fall-Winter collections. Her way of wearing clothes in a relaxed way suits perfectly with our fashion range. Plus she's a fun girl. And has lots of love to give for flowers and plants.



img_0075 img_0244

Sumppu cotton dress 389 e, Vuokko. Made in Finland.

Koko leather satchel 390 e, Moimoi. Made in Spain.


Tetris ethical sourced shearling collar 289 e, Onar. Made in Finland.

Organic cotton-hemp shirt 44 e, RCM. Made in China in a factory specialized in ethical and ecological production.

Tuikku cotton trousers 240 e, Samuji. Made in Estonia.


Unique hand made brim hat, 195 e, éN. Made in Finland.


Biker Trench wool coat, 330 e, R/H. Made in Estonia.

Cat leather clogs with birch soles, 125 e, Terhi Pölkki.img_0102

Syrilla linen-viscose-silk shirt dress, 150 e, Whitetail. Made in Estonia.

Paper-brass neckless, 40 e and paper-brass bracelets, 129 e/each, Utopia&Utility. Made in Finland.img_0100


Hand printed cotton kimono, 89 e, Tikau. Made in India over a project that creates jobs for local women.img_0222img_0199img_0182