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East Bornean Weekend and Brunch for Kids at TRE 10.-11.9.

Come and discover East Borneo weekend at the TRE store!

We welcome the whole family to enjoy Cargo's East Bornean brunch, to taste exotic ice cream flavors in a Suomen Jäätelö ice cream workshop, and to do fun crafts while enjoying live music.

What does an East Bornean ice cream taste like? Where do the babies come from?

The new East Borneo book by Lauri Ahtinen and Anna Vuorinen takes us to big questions: On our way from daycare to home, we wonder where the babies come from?

The journey takes us to East Borneo where one might taste rainbow candy and get surrounded by mini elephants. The book is a great especially for families with little siblings on the way.  

In collaboration TRE, Kustantamo S&S, Cargo Coffee, Suomen Jäätelö, Kiertävä Muotoilukoulu, and Kokokidi.


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