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Demo Shop

Step by step, things become concrete and we get to see what TRE looks, sounds, and feels like.This set of pictures telling a story, was our Demo Shop campaign created together with Duotone, one of the best creative production houses in town. We love the joyful yet odd feeling they captured.

Our Demo Shop, a week-long project in May 2016, was created together with Helsinki New and American Express. Through it, we got a chance to try our wings before the actual shop opening in August.

The demo shop offered sneak peek into the World of TRE with products  from some of our favorite Finnish brands such as R/H, Arela, Samuji, Onar, Terhi Pölkki and Frantsila. There was also something brand new that we we were super excited about: the first set of TRE products.

Creative Director Teemu Suviala designed Now Pizza Purpose and Yes Dance Mastery -prints that explore the power of threes from trichotomies to three-pointers, and ongoing debates over the sources for happiness and meaningful living.

Happiness is in our core in the same way as stories, randomness, and living in the moment. Welcome to the world of TRE!

Tre_1_Campaign0002_smallTre_1_Campaign0005_small copyTre_1_Campaign0003_smallTre_1_Campaign0009_smallTre_1_Campaign0008_smallTre_1_Campaign0001_smallCreative direction: TRE/Duotone | Art direction: Laura Väinölä/Duotone | Photographer: Juho Huttunen/Duotone | MUAH: Emilie Tuuminen | Model: Caroline / Brand | Production: Duotone Cinematography: Oskari Pulkkinen/Duotone

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