Chasing the Perfect Wardrobe? Here Are 10 Tips to Get There!

1. Sort through your clothes

The foundation for the perfect wardrobe is build on the clothes you already own. Sort through them and recycle the ones you don’t use.

2. Less is more
If you feel like buying, stop for a moment and think if you really need it. Maybe you already own something similar? Think if you could borrow the garment from somewhere or modify a cloth you already own.

3. Bye bye impulse buys 
Make a list of the products you need and keep it with you when you go shopping. Then you are able to refer back to the listing and think if the garment is worth buying.

4. Don’t think about the seasons 
Most of the clothes can be used both in summer and winter. When you’re buying something, think further than just a week or a month ahead.

5. Follow your own style, not trends 
Trends come and go, but your own style is timeless. Don’t follow fashion slavishly!

6. Quality over quantity 
Most of the clothes nowadays are such poor quality, that their lifespan is way too short. Choose a product that has long-lasting quality and design. Resale value is significantly better in high quality clothes.

7. Don’t look only at the price 
Whether the garment is cheap or expensive, the price tag rarely shows its true expenses: how much it has damaged the environment, how much new natural resources have been used in the production and how many people have suffered during its production chain. Don’t buy clothes from sale just because they are cheap. Prefer brands that work transparently and don’t compete with volume, speed or low prices.

8. Garment is an investment 
See clothing as an investment. Choose a garment that fits your style and is suitable for its use. Make sure that the garment’s quality and design are long lasting. Search for clothing at second hand first. But if you decide to buy new, prefer quality, ecological materials, ethic production and over all companies that work transparently.

9. Care and love 
Prefer clothes that are easy to wash and care. Follow care instructions. Don’t wash clothes too often and take good care of them. Store clothes neatly and if they break, fix them or get them fixed. Love and cherish your garments!

10. No rush 
Perfect wardrobe isn’t build in a day, so take small steps at a time. Don’t take it too seriously!


Tips are from Anniina Nurmi’s Vihreät vaatteet guidebook (in Finnish), which takes you to the world of sustainable fashion. Vihreät vaatteet guidebook will be available at TRE concept store from June 12. Guidebook is free of charge.

You can read this article in Finnish from Anniina’s website Vihreät vaatteet, here! 


Photos: Terhi Pölkki, Arela, Samuji, R/H, Kuula+Jylhä, Julia Männistö