1805 Story by Goldsmith Kulmala

1805 Story is a new type of a jewelry brand, sweeping you along to an interactive story.

1805 Story, recently launched at TRE, and the fantastic saga built around it state that jewelry is always much more than just mere ornaments.

Jewelry made with traditional goldsmith's techniques can outlast even centuries and therefore have stories to tell. Sagas and fairytales, on the other hand, have depicted challenges of humanity through ages with symbolism. The world of sagas and symbols gave material to create this new jewelry line. The 1805 brand of the recognized goldsmith Kulmala combines storytelling with goldsmith's skills.

"We collected hundreds of symbols and immersed ourselves in fairytales that we knew since childhood. The stories inspired our team. For a while we abandoned the techniques and customs of jewelry design and open-mindedly tried new ways to approach jewelry," says Anniina Dunder-Berg, Managing Director and creative force of Goldsmith Kulmala.
Instead of the classical language of form, typical of Finnish contemporary jewelry design, the nine individual pieces of the collection have drawn inspiration from ancient mythologies, the symbolism of fairytales, and bare nature. 

An interactive story book

A complete mythical world has been constructed around the 1805 brand. You can dive into this world with an interactive story telling about Smith Goldsmith. Along with the jewelry collection, 1805 is also a fairytale book, published as a serial in the web and, in cooperation with readers, getting more intricate with every scene. The jewelry has an essential role in the story: as you buy a piece of jewelry, you'll also get a code with which you can peek deeper into the story and guide its progression. 


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The first silver, bronze, and white gold pieces are available at TRE store on Mikonkatu 6, Helsinki and online at www.worldoftre.com
The full collection will be available in May 2017.

Shop the pre-collection here


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